Safety and Management

An organizations investment in IT hardware is often substantial, and safety of its staff is a priority. Integrating the protection of staff and IT assets can be achieved by careful analysis, and implementation of monitoring, safety, security, and asset tracking systems. A well designed system will proactively monitor and inform management of potential problems, allowing preventative efforts to minimize downtime and/or damage.

  • Site assessment
  • Fire suppression
  • EPO systems
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Power monitoring
  • Cable management
  • Asset management

APC InfraStruXure (ISX) is a revolutionary approach to Data Center infrastructure needs. InfraStruXure is a modular, pre-engineered system that combines UPS, power distribution, cooling, racking, and management. InfraStruXure is scalable, redundant, energy efficient, and IT product agnostic. It reduces expensive onsite construction costs while satisfying functional and aesthetic considerations. Boss Commtech has implemented InfraStruXure systems ranging from 12.8 to 400 kilowatts.

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