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Our innovative solutions and quality have resulted in clients requesting our services around the world. We have installations on seven Hawaiian Islands, Guam, Samoa, Micronesia, Midway, Kwajalein, Alaska, California, Virginia, Singapore, Landstuhl Germany, and Naples Italy.


iso class f/category 7 cabling

The Siemon TERA cabling solution is the highest performing copper cabling system available. Fully compliant with ISO/IEC Class F/Category 7 specifications, the TERA system provides 2 to 4 times the bandwidth of Category 6 cabling solutions.


wind turbines

​Building-mounted wind turbines produce electricity and visually enhance the building structure. They visually demonstrate an organizations commitment to clean energy. This is part of our 16-turbine installation at the Honolulu International Airport. For more information, please visit


mobotix ip video

Mobotix of Germany offers innovative and unique IP video products such as this 360 degree field of view camera, which eliminates blind spots. Boss CommTech is an Advanced Mobotix partner and recipient of the Mobotix Project of the Year Award in 2013. Boss CommTech has installed hundreds of Mobotix IP cameras for government, educational, and private sector clients.


fiber optics

Corning is a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and supporting fiber optic cabling solutions. In 1990, Corning selected Boss CommTech as it’s Network Preferred Installer (NPI) for Hawaii. Since then, we have installed over a hundred Corning Fiber systems.


free space optics

Fiber optic cable is the preferred transmission media for secure, high bandwidth needs. However, it is not always possible to install fiber cable. In these cases, Free Space Optics can act as a fiber substitute, transmitting through the atmosphere, rather than glass.


mobotix security

Mobotix of Germany offers many innovative IP video security products including the T24. The T24 IP Video Door Station provides panoramic 180 degree video, audio communication, and optional access control. As an Advanced Mobotix partner, Boss CommTech has installed T24 stations for door and vehicular gate applications.


data center cooling

Boss CommTech designed and installed this redundant 500 Kilowatt cooling system for a secure data center at a U.S. Army facility on Oahu. This IT Site Preparation project included 400 Kilowatts of APC/Schneider UPS power, HACS (Hot Aisle Containment System), equipment racks, and fiber optic cabling.


pem fuel cell

Developed for the space program, Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells produce electricity through an electrochemical process utilizing Hydrogen and Oxygen. In this photo, our technicians are deploying a PEM fuel cell that will furnish critical backup power.


siemon cabling system

In 1995, Siemon selected Boss CommTech as it’s Certified Installer (CI) for Hawaii. Since then, we have installed hundreds of Siemon Cabling Systems ranging from Category 5E to ISO Class F (Category 7). As a CI, Siemon can guaranty these components and our installation for a period of 20 years.